Celebrate with These New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers

New Year's Resolution | Chilliwack, BC

On Jan. 1 every year, people around the world decide to take advantage of the New Year’s clean slate to set new goals for themselves. If you’re struggling to think of some resolutions for yourself this year, then why not consider improving your driving habits? Here are a few New Year’s resolutions for drivers that you should add to your list.

Don’t Drive Distracted

We all know that driving distracted is bad, but many people admit to still doing just that. From texting while driving to fiddling with the radio and eating snacks on the go, all of these distractions can make it difficult to keep an eye on the road. For the upcoming year, make a resolution to prevent distracted driving. That means putting your phone away where it can’t distract you, waiting to eat until you get home, and using your car’s steering wheel-mounted controls to change your radio station.

Practice Safe Driving Habits

Along with not driving distracted, there are other safe driving habits that you should add to your resolutions list. Make sure you always buckle your seat belt, drive the speed limit, and make sure you don’t tailgate while driving. Also, remember to always use your turn signal to indicate where you’re going and drive defensively.

Keep Up With Your Car’s Maintenance

Life gets busy, which makes it hard to remember when you need to bring your car in for its routine maintenance. In the new year, strive to keep up with your car’s maintenance so it continues to run smoothly into the years to come.

O’Connor Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram wishes you a great (and safe) New Year’s. And remember to schedule your vehicle’s routine maintenance appointment, if you need new tires, an oil change, or a wheel alignment this winter.

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